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Image By: jingdianmeinv1It's a known fact that celebrities are trendsetters. Whether they try to or not, our favourite actors, musicians, and models seem to have an uncanny ability to influence what we do, what we wear, and what we buy. Many stylish celebrities influence how we dress or where we shop by what they're photographed wearing; others influence couture fashion at its highest levels by serving as a muse to top designers. However, there are some trends started by celebrities that would have really been better left unset. Yet, adoring fans and various members of the public seems to follow suit regardless. Here are some of the worst trends set by celebrities
• Orange-coloured fake tan- Some might blame Paris Hilton, others the girls of The Only Way is Essex. Whoever is to blame, fake-looking, orange-hued spray on tans are not an attractive look on anyone. While we're glad that these stars are lathering up rather than soaking in harmful UV rays, we wish they'd lighten up a bit.
• Strange baby names- While it may okay to be named Apple, Moses, Cruz, or Romeo when you're the child of Gwenyth Paltrow or Victoria Beckham, it's not so cool when you are the child of an Average Jo. We hope that the celebrity tendency to name children outlandish and and peculiar names hasn't reached too far into the wider population.
• Stick thin celebs- While many celebrities and models are genetically gifted in a way that makes them naturally thin, others severely restrict their diets in order to maintain a skeletal frame. Unfortunately, many females see how thin their favourite celebs are and feel the need to look that way as well, even if it's not a healthy choice.

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